A amazing Lady!

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

It's funny how God puts your way some amazing people. I'd like to introduce you to a dear lady named Rita. I happened to meet her at a wedding . As we were decorating the hall , I chatted alongside her as we worked. I found her to be quite interesting but honestly I do not know much about her ,except what she told me that day. As we were working away she commented on the Motorbike outside, I said that Goldwing? Her eyes lit up and she said yes ..that is such a beautiful bike she said.

She went on to tell me that she's always wanted a ride on one. I said really....well how about before today is over you get a ride on that thing.She looked at me , eyes wide and said seriously?I said sure as I yelled across the hall to my husband and said "Hey Hun, Rita wants a ride on the bike ...will you give her one?" and he yelled back sure!

So after the work was all done in the hall, we headed over to the church to go through a practice run, and then to dinner. After dinner I said Hun you ready to give Rita her ride? He said yup..come on Biker Granny.

Here are some pictures I'd like to share with you. Rita is 77 years old ( but I"d say young in spirit) She has had her share of health issue's that she's battling , which I will not speak about here on the blog. But I do have to share these pictures. Which I will copy and bring over to her house and have some tea...she lives in Winnipeg.


Is there anyone else that doesn't like......

>> Friday, August 27, 2010

Morning ppl, its 4:30 am and I'm on here to vent about Dresses! Yes your reading right ...Dresses!
 I don't like to wear a dress! I don't know how anyone else does!! lol .
I find them totally uncomfortable , I don't like people who stare when they see someone in a dress. Now do people wear dresses to get attention? I find that the FEW times I have been FORCED to wear a dress I get these comments ......WOW Your in a DRESS! You look GREAT........ugghhhhhhhh!!! I don't think I have EVER seen you in a DRESS!

The reason I"m venting is because tomorrow I have to wear a .....DRESS!  This is not just a normal dress this is a 300 dollar strapless, floor length gown! Something I'll wear ONCE. This dress is a bridesmaid dress, and I'm standing in a friends wedding party. The guys are so lucky that they get to wear tux's I"d rather wear a tux! Back to the dress.......I might as well be wearing black saran wrap! This thing is so snug in the waist, I"M sure I"ll stop breathing! Hey that could work in a good way............I may faint ..be taken out of the room, put in hospital.........get a glamor blue hospital gown ...LOOSE fitting of course ! Oh my this is sounding great!!

Oh and another thing about wearing a dress......this tummy tucker piece of equipment! what's with that!!! So lets just suck in the tummy more????? Oh my!! But one does this cause they want to try to make themselves look as skinny as possible ......if that's even possible!! But what if there are no snaps on bottom! Oh great ! Now there can't be any bathroom breaks cause how would one get to pull that thing up and down if its tight by the waist???? PROBLEMS....PROBLEMS!!!

So off to the store again... this time to find a tummy tucker with SNAPS ...wooohoooo SNAPS! OK that problem I guess is solved after 30 plus dollars! I guess we are now up to 330 for the dress! UGGHH!

I guess I"ll have to "suck it up princess" and put on the saran wrap , I mean Black Dress!

Thank you for allowing me to vent, I do feel better now :)


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